Friday March 17 2023

Music Mode for YouTube : Select audio only on YouTube and YouTube Music


Music Mode for YouTube is a handy extension for Google Chrome that lets you block videos by keeping only audio on YouTube and YouTube Music. It is the only extension for Chrome that not only disables videos but also blocks them. The usefulness of the application is obvious since in this way we can reduce the use of CPU and GPU, and save data. 

In addition, the user can choose to display YouTube video thumbnails, hide video thumbnails and other images in Google search when you search for a song or singer. 

It also provides YouTube quick access buttons so you can hide images and block video quickly. However, we should note that Live YouTube videos are hidden but not blocked. The extension does not collect any kind of user data. 

The user's settings are saved only locally in his browser and of course all the functions are optional and you can select or deselect them respectively through the application menu.

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