Thursday April 28 2022

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed: The leading Linux distribution for personal or office use


OpenSUSE is a global effort that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. It can be considered as one of the best Linux distributions in the world because it is open, transparent, and very user friendly as it is of course part of the global Free Software and Open Source software community. The distribution is controlled by the community and is based on contributions from individuals working as writers, testers, translators or developers. It includes a wide variety of technology, with different levels of experience, speaking different languages. 

Its goals are: To make openSUSE Linux the easiest Linux distribution and the most widespread open source software platform. Provide an environment for individuals to collaborate on open source writing. Promote open source development and simplify the package creation process to make openSUSE Linux a platform of choice for both new users and more experienced developers. 

The Tumbleweed version is more suitable for experienced users, or as an option for the office, however in my personal opinion it is so simple to install and use that even the most ignorant user will not have a problem.

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