Friday March 4 2022

DELFTship Free: Visual modeling of boats and stability analysis


Designed from the ground up using state-of-the-art technologies, DELFTship lets you extract all the data needed for calculations from the model itself. This guarantees data consistency between all components and extensions. Work smarter, faster, and with user-based software based on years of product development in real environments - all based on TU Delft research.

Get started and explore free product modeling. Designed to provide a database of models, easy XNUMXD design capabilities and hydrostatic detail on the go. It allows you to take advantage of a number of additional tools that will help you work smarter. 

Free means really free, with no restrictions on functionality or time. You can use DELFTship free to model any type of boat. The program is limited to hulls that are symmetrical with respect to the central plane. Perform basic hydrostatic and resistance calculations. Use the Lackenby hullform transform to automatically adjust parameters such as offset and longitudinal buoyancy center Extensions cannot be used with DELFTship Free.

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