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In Control is a one-button utility that lets users control all security-related updates on their Windows 10 and 11. It controls the automatic upgrade of the Windows system targeting a specific master version and version information capabilities. By default, the current version will be used. So if you "Take Control" with the main version and the release of functions that appear in the lower left boxes, Windows will stay exactly where it is - only with the installation of monthly security updates - until you "Release control". 
If you want to switch to a future version of, say, Windows 10 21H1 to Windows 10 21H2, you can first do a "Version Check" to allow these two fields to be edited. Then change "21H1" to "21H2" and press "Take Control". Windows Update will now target the 21H2 feature and offer it for installation as soon as it is available. No installation required. Just run the program with administrator privileges.

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