IP TV Player: Free program to watch and record TV content from Greece and around the world


Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. IPTV offers the possibility of continuous flow of the source medium. As a result, a media player may start playing content (such as a TV channel) almost immediately. 

This is known as streaming media. IP TV Player is probably the best solution to watch TV channels from all over the world. All we have to do is find  IPTV Lists (M3U)This application is very simple with several configuration options. 

Let's look at the basics. After installing it we select Settings click on the option Manage Channel List and add the desired M3U list. So simple. Finally we should note that you can record on your computer any TV show you want.


  • View open (unencrypted) streams of UDP (multicast), HTTP, HLS (m3u8), RTMP, etc.
  • Individual or global settings for channels.
  • Switch between multiple channel lists.
  • Ability to record stream to file.
  • OSD (information window at the bottom of the video window).
  • List of channels in the video window.
  • Video control from the keyboard (see the keys in the quick help in the program itself).
  • Support TV programs in XMLTV, JTV, TXT formats (automatic download, mapping).
  • Record/view scheduler.
  • Background recording of any number of channels (limited by subscriber line capabilities and provider)

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