Sunday May 7 2023

WO Mic: Turn your phone into a wireless microphone


Are you trying to find a wireless microphone for your computer? You do not need to spend time and money to buy one. Just try this app. WO Mic turns your Android phone into a microphone for your computer.

You can use it for voice chat, recording and recognition and it is mobile if you select wireless transfer. Many have installed it and use it daily for speech, recording, voice remote control and many other activities.

This way you have a wireless microphone at your disposal at no cost, which can be used with any program on your computer just like a real one.

It has very little lag, and is super easy to configure and use, supports automatic reconnection when your computer restarts, and multiple connection methods: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct.



Let's now look at the steps we need to follow. Download the installer firston your computer and install it.

Then download the corresponding app from the Google Play Store run the application from your mobile and in the settings choose how you want to connect to your computer (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.).

Press the arrow to start the transmission.

Run the program from your computer, and choose the transmission method (if you chose from your mobile wi-fi you should also choose the same here).

 Make sure the ip is the same on the computer and the mobile if it is different correct it.

Finally, before proceeding to use your microphone click on options and click on play in speaker, if everything went well you should hear your voice from your computer's speaker. 
From there, use your new microphone as you wish.
the WO Mic app
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