Friday November 11 2022

NetX Network Tools: Find the devices that are connected to your network


This is a quite practical application that will help you find all the devices connected to your network. It shows the most important information about each connected device, IP address, MAC address, vendor, NetBIOS name and domain. It can activate a remote device from your phone or tablet when you're connected via Wi-Fi or a data connection.

Put a remote device to sleep or shut it down from your phone or tablet when you're connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

It displays, the version of the operating system installed on the remote device and loads all previously detected disabled devices on a network. You can also add a new network or device manually.

It also displays information about Wi-Fi connection (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS), information about your mobile carrier (external IP, signal strength, download and upload speed (CID, LAC, MCC, MNC), finds the nearest Wi-Fi and displays the SSID, signal strength, channel and encryption they may have
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