PortDroid - Network Analysis Kit: Network analysis application


PortDroid is a network analysis application that helps network administrators, as well as ordinary users, with various useful networking tools, such as: Port scan, local network device identification, ping, traceroute, Wake-On-Lan (WoL), DNS lookup , reverse IP lookup, Whois lookup, Port scanner, scan and IP for open TCP ports, will optionally use Banner Grabbing on each port to get more information or discover a web service

Banner grabbing is a technique used to obtain information about a computer system on a network and the services running on its open ports. Administrators can use it to log computers and services on their network

You can use it to get more information about your local network, such as to see who is connected to your wireless wifi network. It will identify all the devices on the same network and from here you can do further research and open the port scanner on any of the found devices.

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