Saturday May 20 2023

How to change the color and appearance of your folders


Sorting folders on the computer is a difficult task especially if you have many folders with different content. However if there was a way to change this, things would be much simpler

CustomFolder is the software that will help us with this. This is a really simple, amazing, free application that will allow us to customize folders on the computer.

It includes 4 preset icons for coloring, of which 3 of them can be rotated, however you can also create your own personal icons.

Also, you can download more than 60 ready-made icons, and add unlimited icons from your own collection, choose the background color of the icon preview and the color of the window.

For your convenience you can find some ready-made icons and add them to your application from here in the upcoming years, while here. (If you have trouble adding icons from the application gallery just convert them from .ico format to png with any graphic editor). For best results, choose the installation application. 

Download the CustomFolder application
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