Thursday 9 June 2022

Netcam Studio: Remote surveillance application with cameras


Netcam Studio is a remote monitoring application designed for Windows operating systems that allows you to create an effective security system with remote access capabilities. It supports a wide variety of IP cameras and is intended for operation 24 hours a day.

The installation package contains: Netcam Studio Server (Netcam Studio X), Netcam Studio service, NetCamp Studio Windows Client and Net Client Studio Web. Netcam Studio is the successor to webcamXP, the popular camera and network surveillance software from Moonware Studios.

No license or participation is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, phone or tablet. The free version allows the connection of 2 video sources.

The application also includes the ability to detect motion and speed so the video can be recorded only if there is some activity in the area being monitored. Finally, with the rule manager, you can specify your own internal or external actions such as: controlling lights, playing sounds, or sending notifications.

For greater ease of use of the application and in case we want to monitor and control from our mobile phone we must download the Netcam Studio Mobile available for devices Android in the upcoming years, while iOS and after we run it all we have to add is the name of the Server we have installed on our computer and the IP address of our server. 

From there we press connect and we can watch the video sources in real time, save the images or videos on the server to enable or disable the motion detection, see the list of connected users and look at the event logs. 

The free version of the application has a limit of up to 2 cameras 2, video watermark and up to 5 notifications per day. However, you can choose a commercial version with more features. You can see the differences here: netcamstudio.com

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