NoBot: Improve the security of your computer


Whether you installed an application from an unreliable source, did not pay attention and added some other optional software, or just did not update your antivirus, these are just a few ways that malware can be installed on your computer with unpredictable consequences. 

NoBot is software designed to help you remove malware such as spyware, trackers, miners and other potentially unwanted programs that you have unknowingly installed.

It does not require installation, and you can run it immediately after downloading. At startup, on the Home tab, you can check if it was recently updated. However, you can use the Update Control Button to download the most recent definitions before scanning your computer.

The menu consists of five tabs, and allows you to manage quarantine with malicious software to add exceptions, so if the application finds a threat, it quarantines it immediately.

Sometimes, possibly because of its sensitivity, it can highlight a file as malicious without it being. Nevertheless, you, if you know that this file is safe, can remove it from quarantine with a single click.
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