Monday 26 September 2022

PhotoPageGen : How to create Photo Albums and upload them online


If you are looking for an application to create simple and fast impressive photo albums on the internet stop here. PhotoPageGen is the application you are looking for. This is a surprisingly simple application that will help you make your own albums to customize the backgrounds, colors, thumbnails and many other details to give them a professional look. To begin with, after downloading and running the application, drag the folder with your photos to the corresponding field in the program menu and press Preview to preview your album. From there, you can change the background, color, size of your photos and many other details. 

After you have completed your tests click Publish to upload your album online via your Webserver. If you don't have space available on a hosting service or if what you see looks Chinese to you, follow the simplest alternative way. Select the NetLify field, and click the link. Sign up for the service and again drag the same folder with the photos you added earlier into the corresponding field of the application.


  1. Run the app and drag your photo folder into the app menu, wait a while for the images to appear. Write if you want a title and the date of your album, then press preview to see how your photos look.

  2. Click on config to configure your album by selecting and modifying it, changing the background, colors and any other details according to the features provided by the application.

  3. After completing your settings, press again on config to close. Now click on the config above the publish button and select the NetLify field, click on it and on the web page you will be taken to, press register.
  4. Once you're done registering, drag your folder to the https://app.netlify.com/drop and wait a while for your photos to upload. After the upload is complete, take the link that will be generated after its completion and paste in the corresponding field of the application.

  5. Finally, give the link to those who want to see your album. If you do not want your album to be indexed by search engines so that others can not see it before you click on the Private option of the application. 
If you want your album not to be indexed by search engines so that others don't see it before you start, click on the Private option of the application.

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