Saturday 25 March 2023

QTTabBar: Add new features to Windows Explorer


QTTabBar is a completely free extension for adding features to windows explorer. Once you enable them, it installs some extra features, dramatically changing the behavior of Explorer. (Here we should note that you can add a Greek menu to the application).

You can do many things, change the color of folders, add application shortcuts, preview the contents of folders on your computer, view your photos in thumbnails by simply dragging your mouse cursor over them, and so on. a preview of the text inside txt files without opening them and much more.

Start by downloading the application file and unzip the ZIP file. From there, proceed with the installation by running the QTTabBar.exe executable file. Then you will have to restart your computer otherwise, options will not be activated.

After restarting open windows explorer, select view, and click the options icon. From there, activate the toolbars ending in QTTabBar, QT Command Bar, etc. (you can enable or disable the ones you do not consider necessary)

To proceed with further settings, click on the gear you will see to enter the application menu. From there, adjust the behavior of windows explorer according to your wishes. 

 Author's Website:
(windows 10, windows 11)
(Windows7 & Windows8 & Windows8.1 & Windows10 (32bit/64bit) + .net Framework 4.0)

(download the files by right clicking download and then save link as)
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