SOS Alert: Emergency application


SOS Alert is an application to help you in emergencies by contacting the emergency contacts you have specified. In the event of an emergency, a link to your current location on Google Maps is sent to the emergency contacts so they can pinpoint you.

Emergency contacts and the SOS message are stored locally on your device, so no one but you can access it. You can edit the SOS message and add other useful information about yourself.

If you are in an emergency situation press the SOS button on the application. As soon as you press the button, a 3-second countdown starts immediately (you can cancel the SOS alert if you want, before the countdown ends) and when the countdown ends, the app retrieves your GPS location from your device and sends (via SMS) your location along with the SOS message (which is pre-saved on your device) to the emergency contacts to which you have registered the application. The contacts you have entered will receive the SOS message and a link to your current location as an SMS from your mobile number

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