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When you empty the recycle bin that contains deleted files or when you use the shortcut Shift + Delete to delete files, windows marks the files as deleted and deletes all the markers on them, so these files are invisible to the user. Also, the space used by the deleted files will be highlighted as free space. 

So, technically, the deleted files will still be on your computer until windows replaces them with new data. WinfrGUI is a free Windows data recovery software supported and approved by Microsoft.

Fully integrates with Windows File Recovery (Microsoft Command Prompt) functionality and finally provides a graphical user interface that allows all for all user skill levels to recover deleted files from their computer in the easiest way.

This way you can recover your lost files including JPEG / PDF / DOCX / MP3 / EXCEL / ZIP etc. from storage, SSD / HDD / USB / memory card in Windows 11/10, with NTFS / FAT / exFAT / ReFS partition configuration.

The whole process is completed in just three steps, after selecting a partition for scanning and a location for storage, select after the scan method (fast or in-depth) and finally click the start recovery button. You will be surprised by the results.
 Download   the WinfrGUI application

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