Friday June 3 2022

BlueStacks X: Play Android games without installing on your computer


Cloud technology is a phenomenon that has multiplied throughout the gaming industry lately, as is the case with platforms like Stadia, XCloud and others, giving their users access to a whole new world of online gaming. The company has partnered with a website called now.gg for the delivery of Android titles that will play directly from our browser. 

These platforms (Cloud) are great, especially because they go beyond the hardware limitations of users, allowing them to play games they would not normally be able to play on their phone or computer, simply by transferring most of them over the internet. can easily enjoy them with the best graphics and quality settings,

As BSX games are rendered and processed by the server, users can actually enjoy 100% regardless of their phone specifications. Considering that about 60% of users worldwide do not have phones suitable for gaming, this solution will definitely help to attract more people to the gaming community, through the evolution of Gaming Cloud technology.

Today, we use smartphones just like computers, for any job. Either for work, or for touring, or for performing tasks. However, the wide variety of hardware and devices available on the market can often make it difficult for developers to create games and software that run well on any hardware. With BlueStacks X, however, users can find a unified platform to enjoy their favorite games, with no hardware restrictions.

So whether you're a Windows or Mac user, you can access BSX and play every game in the growing list of 200+ titles, with the best graphics and performance settings, through the cloud. Unless you're actually downloading the game, BlueStacks gives you literally almost instant access to any game. your. 

Also, one of the most important aspects of BlueStacks X is the fact that you can easily share and synchronize your progress across multiple devices, so you can continue from where you left off, whether you are playing on your computer, tablet or your phone number. In BlueStacks X, you can now find a selection of over 200 carefully curated titles, and that number will increase as more developers want to host their games on the platform.

To play the games, you need to download and install BlueStacks X on your PC, which is actually the well-known emulator Bluestacks ( we have talked about him in the past) with the addition of the BlueStacks X service. 

End, here, to get an idea of ​​why we are talking, you can play some games directly from your browser without having to download BlueStacks X, however the number of hosts is currently small.   

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