Friday March 17 2023

Cleaner: Optimize and clean your mobile


I think this is probably one of the best applications you can find in the Google Play Store, with full Greek support, simple and understandable operation that cleans and optimizes your phone. 

Its key features include removing junk and unnecessary files, speeding up and cooling the phone, file management, wallpapers and more!. In junk file removal mode, it cleans up unnecessary files, helping you optimize space on your Smartphone.

Clearing the cache cleans applications from unnecessary cache files. Speeding up the phone optimizes memory usage and speeds up the phone for games and other important applications. Finally, in cooling mode it reduces its temperature and improves the efficiency of the device.

You can also manage files and folders on your SD card and save disk space by saving files to Dropbox, One Drive, etc. It is worth noting that the ad-free version of the app is available at the price of 0.50 minutes. So if you like it there is no excuse not to get it..

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