Sunday April 23 2023

Emby Server: Turn your PC into a Multimedia Server


This is an excellent application that will help you create a media server and be able to view its content on any device. 

You can even stream live TV to any device, and manage your DVR. No need to bother with IP addresses anymore. Sync your personal media with smart phones and tablets for easy access.

Also, automatically sync your new content as you add it. Send videos, music, photos, and live TV to your Chromecast with ease, and easily access content for your kids.

Emby Server organizes your content into easy and stylish presentations. Your personal media will never look the same. Set parental restrictions for your children, create access schedules, time limits and more.

Sync your personal in the cloud for easy backup, archiving and conversion. Save your content in multiple resolutions to enable instant streaming from any device.

It includes powerful tools for managing content, users, sharing, security and more. 

However, what will impress you is its ease, since even if you are not familiar with these types of applications, you will very easily understand how it works. It is available in many languages ​​including Greek.
Download   the Emby Server application 
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