Friday April 28 2023

Free Virtual Keyboard : Free, virtual on-screen keyboard for windows


It's a free, lightweight, multilingual virtual on-screen keyboard. If you spend a lot of time answering emails or taking notes on your laptop and find your physical keyboard uncomfortable or too small, a on-screen software keyboard may be just the improvement you have been looking for. 

The keyboard has keys large enough to be easily typed with the fingers. Works on any Windows PC with touch screen (Surface Pro, Tablet PC and Panel PC). It also allows people with mobility problems to type data using a pointing device.

You can change the size, color and transparency of the keyboard on your computer screen. You can also change the size, color and transparency of the keyboard with one click at any time. In full screen mode, it automatically resizes to fit the width of the screen.

This means, it works in both landscape and portrait orientation, which the other keyboard doesn't.

It also has an auto-repeat feature (any key you hold down to repeat the same character over and over) is automatic.

All related keys will automatically repeat when pressed continuously. You can also run it from your USB stick if you choose to download the portable version of the application.

Now, if you are interested in something more professional, you can try it Hot Virtual Keyboard the paid version of the product that has a number of advanced features for faster, easier and more accurate typing and allows you to take full advantage of your touch screen.
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