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It is the first anonymous crypto messenger that is decentralized and metadata-free by design. It doesn't compromise on ease of use and is as easy to use as popular communication programs. 

Compared to popular similar apps like Telegram, Threema, and Signal, Speek is by far the most secure and anonymous way to chat since it uses no server, stores no data, and users are identified only by public keys without requiring any other identifier item or phone number, while all messages are encrypted on your device and routed through the Tor* network.
*Free open source software to enable anonymous communication that directs Internet traffic through a free, global, voluntary network designed to hide the location and use of a user from any network surveillance or traffic analysis. The use of Tor makes it more difficult to track a user's activity on the Internet, and the intended use of Tor is to protect the privacy of its users, as well as their freedom and ability to communicate confidentially through anonymous IP addresses.
Unlike other applications such as Telegram which is not completely open source and is not anonymous and decentralized, although the application is open source, however, the server code is not. and can not be controlled. In addition, you can not be anonymous, because you need a phone number to use it.

In Signal, you also need a phone number to use it, which means that it is also not anonymous and all communication is done through the Signal server and you can never know what software is running on their servers.

The same goes for the other popular communication applications. So with the use of speek, each user can share his public key with others and add them to the contact list.

Nothing is stored and there is no metadata. Once you close Speek messenger all your messages are deleted. Encrypted file sharing is supported and the files are also p2p shared and all traffic is encrypted.


1. To work with the application, once you have installed it, you must select > view speak id, copy the code you will see and give it to those you wish to communicate with, of course it is understood that they will also have to install the application on their computer or mobile phone.
2. From there they should select > Add Contact and paste the key you shared with them.
3. Finally, to complete the two-way communication, you should do the same with each one individually.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Android, Linux, macOS 
 Download   the speek app

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