Universal USB Installer : Install and run from USB, linux or windows utilities


Universal USB Installer (Imager) also known as UUI is a bootable software that allows users to easily boot from USB devices.

You can boot a USB drive from a Live Linux distribution, install Windows Installer, or install and run Windows 10 or 11 from USB using the Windows to Go method. Antivirus programs, disk cloning software, or other tools can also be installed and run from the USB.

The app is very easy to use, just select your distro from the list, browse to the ISO file, select your USB drive, and then click create. Once you're done, you'll have a ready-to-run Live USB containing the utility you selected earlier.

Unlike tools that simply use the DD (copy and convert) command to directly burn an ISO to a USB flash drive, UUI includes several other methods that natively allow you to continue using your removable device for storage purposes,

The DD (Copy and Convert) method for directly burning an ISO to a USB flash drive, the UUI includes several other methods that allow you to continue using your removable device for storage purposes, and it includes the “try via DD” option .

The DD copy method, also known as Data Destroyer, works by overwriting the entire file system, making the device appear as a CD/DVD. However, it may be possible to reclaim the lost space on the drive and then create an exFAT partition for continued storage purposes.

Another key feature of the UUI is the use of persistent storage where available. This feature allows you to save some changes and then restore them in subsequent versions.
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