How to run windows 11 on USB stick


Windows To Go is a feature of Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 Education that allows them to boot and run from certain USB mass storage devices, such as USB flash drives and external hard drives.

For a typical installation you will need a USB stick with at least 64 GB available. First of all, it should be said that the Windows To Go workspace works just like any other Windows installation, but there are some limitations. 

Windows To Go is a feature in Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education that allows the creation of a Windows To Go workspace that can be booted from an external USB drive on computers.

We should point out that Windows To Go has been deprecated in operating systems from Windows 10, version 2004 onwards. The feature does not support feature updates and therefore does not allow you to stay up to date and also requires a specific type of USB that is no longer supported by many OEMs.

However, today we will see how we can create a Bootable USB that will run Windows 11 without these conditions.


  1. To now create a Windows To Go Boottable USB we will need a Windows 11 image (ISO) and the software Rufus.
  2. We run rufus and select our USB, and depending on the Bios that our computer has we select in the partition system and system type field we select MBR partition system for bios or UEFI for Legacy BIOS or MBR partition system for UEFI if our computer starts via UEFI system and select Windows To Go.
  3. We select the version of windows we want to install and press ok.

  4. Click on the option you see. Also, with the option checked we can see our disks. If you do not select it, you will only see your USB. (Note that this option is crucial (for security reasons of your operating system) and if you have no reason or do not know what to do, it is better not to select it. 

  5. If your computer does not have the above 2 features, you can disable them and, if you wish, disable the data collection feature as well.  

  6. We have reached the end point, click ok and wait for the data to be written to your stick.

An important feature is the quality of our USB, so in order to have a fast Boot from our stick, it should, in addition to the capacity, also have the appropriate speed to work quickly, reliably and without problems.

Do not use poor quality USBs that are not ideal for installing Windows, which means that the Windows operating system that will be installed on the flash drive will probably be very slow. Therefore, for best results, use as fast a USB 3 type USB stick as possible.

After installation, Boot your stick and wait until your OS installation is complete, you should then add your keyboard language add your wifi and Login with your account. From there, if you are asked for any additional updates, do them.

What will I need it for?

Although Windows To Go was designed for corporate use, its usefulness is also obvious for another simple, basic reason, that we can use it in the event that our computer does not start and we want to save and transfer our data (photos documents music videos) to another disk, or to fix problems that exist on our hard disk or windows data, however, inin this case, you should know exactly what to do.


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