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This is an amazing application that allows you to easily create high quality 2D/3D videos with great effects from various formats of video clips, photos, images, music, audio, lyrics, text, subtitles, etc. and it doesn't require any professional video editing knowledge!

Bulk upload videos to YouTube without worrying about video format, video specifications, etc. You can use photos and video clips of any format to create beautiful 2D or 3D videos to share.

 The YouTube Movie Maker Free Edition that we present is the free version of the product that comes without watermark, without trial period, it just limits only some functions and services.


You can create 2D videos, add videos/movies, add audio/music, add, photos, images, icons, add texts/lyrics/subtitles, download and record audio from any device, create 2D lyrics videos , XNUMXD karaoke videos, fast bulk YouTube video creation , add special effects, add text effects, add animation effects, add mask effects (light and shadow effects), add background images, add transitions, add subtitles, add video/photo overlays ( video to video, video to image/photo, images/photos to photos/photo, images/photos to video, etc.). 

Download snapshots, batch convert videos of various formats to the right format. Finally, the resolutions in which you can save your videos are SD (240P 16:9), SD (240P 4:3), SD (320P 16:9), SD (320P 4:3), SD (480P 16:9 ), SD (480P 9:16), SD (480P 4:3)

However, if you want to do more things, you can see here the features of Gold Edition, and Platinum, to see the differences between them and also the differences between the free application and the above versions.

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