Tuesday 21 February 2023

Angle Meter : Angle or slope measurement tool


Angle Meter app is an angle or slope measurement tool. It uses an arc-gravity tangent between two axes and provides accurate results depending on the quality of the sensors. 

For single angle, rotate your device and read the angle, to measure the difference between two angles, (This function is useful for calculating the slope between 2 separate objects), touch the angle meter bezel and fix the first angle . Tap again to fix the second and see the difference between the corners. 

Relative angle, (this function is useful for measuring the angle if the object is not parallel to the ground or the surface is uneven). Touch the bezel of the angle meter to set the first part of the angle, touch again after rotating your device to complete the measurement.


  • Ability to measure angle or slope on surfaces that are not parallel to the ground with relative angle function.
  • Range 0-180 or 0-360 degrees with angle complement.
  • 2 axes of orientation. (Move your device left/right or back/forward)
  • Option to save records to the database, view them as lists or graphs and download a copy of the measurement history (as xls files or graphs).
  • Ability to measure the angle of an object in the image via the image measurement screen.
  • Gallery of images to display images in preview mode or with details.
  • Various customization options.
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TAGS: Tools , Android

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