Stellio Music and mp3 Player : Advanced player, with high sound quality


Stellio is an advanced player, with high sound quality, theme support and a wide variety of sound settings. The main goal in its development was to obtain high-quality sound. This goal is achieved by introducing a powerful sound engine that controls a 12-band equalizer with a wide variety of sound effects.

Player gives complete freedom for experimentation, using it manually or with defaults. Crossfade makes the sound more enjoyable by smoothly transitioning from one song to another. Gapless is the opposite, for playing tracks without the tiniest gaps between them.

In addition to the multitude of settings you will find, there are many different useful abilities in the player, such as viewing the lyrics from the web, choosing a cover, putting the names in order with the help of the handy tag editor, playing music from albums, artists, genres or folders and more.

It supports many audio formats such as, FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE, M4A and more. With Android Wear support you can control your music from your watches and select a track, without using your mobile.

You can also set the sleep timer to listen to a certain number of tracks, or set how long you want to listen to music. It also includes, changing the appearance of widgets and notifications, switching tracks with the help of headphones and more.

For those who want something more than the standard look, there is the option of choosing a different interface among additional themes, which do not simply change color, but embody a completely new look.

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