Saturday 19 November 2022

Bubble Level 3D : Angle and slope level measurement


This is a simple, useful application that will help you determine if the object you want to measure on a surface is perfectly horizontal or vertical. It is very useful in the event that there is no other way and you need a tool to carry out work in the field of construction, masonry, carpentry or simply if it is necessary to adjust the inclination of an object at home.

It has two sides, one for horizontal use and one for vertical orientation. The first face determines if the horizontal surface is correctly positioned and the second face acts as a rod to know, for example, if a wall is perfectly vertical.

When you place the phone in any orientation, the app will automatically adjust the view so that it is displayed correctly. In addition to the bubble level, it has the function of the digital inclinometer, which through a screen shows the slope more precisely and in a practical way.

For more accurate and professional work provide calibration facility. This function helps to set the correct level of the phone in the horizontal and vertical direction, as the measurement provided by the sensor of the phone may deviate from the correct angle. 

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TAGS: Tools , Android

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