Sunday 26 March 2023

HTTP Downloader : File download manager


HTTP Downloader is a file download manager for HTTP(S), FTP(S) and SFTP protocols. Maximize download performance by using high-performance input/output integration ports (IOCPs). HTTP Downloader can open thousands of connections at a time and consumes very little system resources.

You can start, pause, stop and queue up to 100 shots at a time. Each download can be divided into 100 parts. That is 10.000 connections. How to use it is simple, drag and drop links into the main window of the program or select File > Add URLs... to bring up the add URLs window. From here you can select the download location to save the files.

The Advanced checkbox allows you to configure the download directory, the number of segments to split each download into, the SSL/TSL version to use for HTTPS connections, authentication information, and any necessary cookies, headers, and POST data. 

You can also configure a proxy server to receive the added URLs. Clicking the download button will start downloading the files. If you want to add the downloads without starting them, you can click the add button.

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