@MAX Tray Player : Minimalist audio & video player for windows


The classic Windows media player does a good job and supports a number of media formats. However, its design has remained almost the same for many years. Do you enjoy listening to music while working with other Windows applications? Then @MAX Tray Player is for you. 

It integrates the player bar into the Windows taskbar and effectively becomes part of Windows. So it doesn't hide application windows. Although small, it is easy to use but also quite powerful.

Through key combinations you can open and manage it, it has a low impact on system resources, and it is rich in terms of media playback capabilities. 

Plus, it's FREE. All basic actions such as: opening files, playing files, stopping or pausing a file, moving to the next or previous file are easily accessible through the corresponding buttons on the taskbar. 

Tray Player displays information about the file being played, such as: playing time, title and artist in the small floating window. 

One can adjust the transparency of this window or just hide it. Using hotkey combinations one can control the player regardless of the program that is active at the time.
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