WinTweaks : Optimize your PC's performance


WinTweaks is professional grade software that you can download for free and use on any computer without restrictions! 

It is an optimization solution for your PC that enables you to manage and modify Windows services in an easy, automatic and secure way for better performance. 

It optimizes system services with one click and improves performance while playing games, this is a very simple app to use for both beginners and advanced users.


  1. Automatic TuneUp tweaks your PC's settings for optimal performance in an easy and safe way, depending on how you use your PC. It will disable unnecessary Windows services without affecting its normal operation, this will make your computer run faster and safer.
  2. Manual TuneUp gives you the power to optimize Windows services in an easy, safe and advanced way without getting involved with the features and dependencies of Windows services.
  3. Gaming mode will give your system an instant performance boost. Unnecessary Windows features will be temporarily disabled to free up computer resources and concentrate computer power on programs you are currently using.
  4.  WinTweaks can save your service settings in profiles, allowing you to apply your different settings in seconds, saving you a lot of time especially when dealing with multiple computers or users.
  5. Service Manager allows advanced users to master Windows services, including third-party services. 
  6. It provides many tools to perform advanced operations, for example, you can install, start, stop, delete and specify the startup type of Windows services.
Download   the WinTweaks application 

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