DiskMark : Measure speed on HDs, SSDs, USB Stick's


DiskMark is a small utility that allows you to benchmark the performance of your hard drives and all your storage media in general. It allows you to specify many advanced options to determine and determine their operating performance.

Before starting, specify the storage medium you want to measure, specify the values ​​you will see in the small window that will open, and press Start. 

Below we describe what each of them is:  

  • Chunk Size: Allows you to specify how much data will be written to the test file at once.
  • IO : Specifies how many times the chunk size will be written to the test file. example: If you select a chunk size of 64KB and 1024 IO, the resulting test file will be 64MB, meaning the test will consist of writing a 64MB file, 64K at a time in 1.024 loops. The resulting file will also be used for the read test.
  • Iterations: Iterations allow you to set how many times the benchmark will run. Each iteration will allow DiskMark to average the performance of each IO, so a higher value (25 - 200 iterations) provides more accurate results.
  • Allow Intermediate Caching: When this option is selected, DiskMark will allow windows to use any available caches. Enabling this option will increase performance, but should be left unchecked if you only want to test the speed of your storage media.
Download the DiskMark application

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