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Fluent Search is a fast and easy-to-use search app that lets you search running apps, browser tabs, bookmarks, files, and more. 

Unlike the Windows start menu, Fluent Search focuses on continuing the current task, lets you easily jump between running apps and browser tabs, and finds files based on your current workflow.

Using Fluent Search, you can instantly search for and access various resources available on your computer. The app has many features. 

Process search allows you to easily find any active processes on your computer. (A process is an active application that has a window, you can find it by searching for the window title or process name). 

Additionally, it can find in-app elements such as tabs, buttons, and hyperlinks within processes to access them directly.

As we mentioned above, Fluent Search searches various resources on your computer, including but not limited to files, applications, processes, bookmarks, history results, and more.

The application was created with a modern design, but the most important feature is the ability to customize it. To help you get the most relevant result with ease, it has a feature called "search tags". 

Each result can contain several tags that describe that result, using these tags you can easily filter your search to find the most relevant result.

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