Friday 24 February 2023

LoveWindowsAgain : Remove unnecessary windows 11 features


Windows 11 is a great operating system full of interesting features, but you probably won't ever use many of them. For example, the frustrating and truncated context menus, and then things in the taskbar that you never use, like the Widgets feature (at this stage), search icons, chat, task view, etc.

XPS Documents Writer and Fax Printer are some of these less essential features of the operating system. So why not turn off the Windows 11 components you don't need? 

It is the easiest and fastest application of its kind to set many settings with a single click. Once you open it, there is only one big button waiting for you. So press Analyze Win11 Build and wait a while.

Problems are graded according to Low, Middle and High levels. If you want more control over the individual options, you can also switch to the advanced view. The application follows the design language of the operating system and further use should be self-explanatory in the sense that you have a basic knowledge of operating your computer.
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