Mahjong In Poculis: A version of the classic Oriental board game


Poculis Mahjong is a version of the classic Oriental board game where we can enjoy more than 120 levels distributed in 6 different environments. 

The game includes 6 themes each containing 50 blueprints and 5 medals to win. To play Mahjong Solitaire, you must select pairs of tiles that have similar symbols. 

The game was developed with simplicity in mind, you choose a theme, a layout and you can play immediately. In this game, which is a great way to ``challenge'' your memory by the way, you have to choose pairs of tiles with identical symbols.

The main difficulty comes from the classic Mahjong Solitaire rule, only the border tiles of the layout are candidates for selection. The game is won when there is no tile on the board. The next layout starts automatically until you complete all the layouts from the current topic. 

A 5-step in-game tutorial quickly reminds you of the rules of the game. You can activate it by clicking on the question mark on the top right corner of the screen. The game comes with 6 fun themes that each have: 50 layouts and 5 medals to win. 

If you choose expert mode you will need to play the game for about 150 hours to get past the 300 layouts. Each theme (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Wonderland and Future) has its own layouts, graphics, music and sound effects.

For scores, you can make Combos, that is, a certain sequence of pairs that gives you more points.  

When you exit the game, a dialog box displays your global stats. You can then post your scores on the Mahjong In Poculis website, without any registration steps 
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