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On official microsoft website there is a new application called PC Manager which gives users an overview of their system health. The app can help users clean up temporary files, manage running apps, and track updates, all in one place.

The cleanup tab lets you find temporary files, including things like system logs, and delete them to free up space. Likewise, the app lets you view running processes to see what might be using system resources, something you would normally do with task manager.

It may also suggest disabling certain apps at startup to improve performance. Pressing the main "boost" button will delete temporary files and free up memory, which could be useful on older computers.

In its latest version it has undergone many improvements and is a promising software for the health and optimization of our computer. But let's examine it now in more detail:



As you see the main menu (Home) consists of 5 different levels. In the first tab we see an overview of our computer with the remaining RAM, the size of temporary files, the health status of our computer, the processes that are running, the programs that start when we start our computer and the possibility of deep cleaning of our computer. Clicking on the option Boost cleans temporary files and optimizes computer memory.


In the second tab (Protection) we see the option Μicrosoft Protection. Here we are given the possibility to scan our computer through it Microsoft Defender Antivirus for malicious files.Below, you will see the option Windows Update, The choise Taskbar repair and the choice,Restore default apps which enables us to restore the original windows preferences regarding the opening of various types of files.


In the third (Storage) we can scan and clean our computer of junk files by clicking on the option Scan. However, you can choose by clicking on the type of files and also their size. Finally, by clicking on Storage Clean, we can choose automatic file cleaning by choosing the time period we want.


In the fourth (Apps) we can through it Process Managementto see more processes running at that moment and if necessary to terminate one or some of them. In the Startup apps we see which applications run when our computer starts and we can de-select them if we don't want them to start at startup. Finally, choosing Management apps we can remove the apps we no longer need.


The last tab (Tollbox) is quite interesting since it allows us to display a small bar where we can see at any time the rest of our computer's memory and add small applications that are necessary, such as for example the Windows notepad, the clipping and drawing of windows to take screenshots of the calculator, shortcuts from websites and more.
Download the Microsoft PC Manager application
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