Friday 3 February 2023

R'n'D jue 2022 : Collection of 5 indie logic - puzzle games


Three years after the release of the special edition "R'n'D jue II" in 2019, Jürgen Bonhagen presents "R'n'D jue 2022", which is not a game or level collection, but a collection of five independent games based on the R'n'D game engine, but using new ideas.

1. R'n'D jue Pipeline: One of the best of this new collection of games is undoubtedly the game 'Pipeline', an excellent puzzle game The objective of the game is to connect individual pieces of pipe to form a continuous pipe from a source in a destination field. But that's not all – there's a whole host of different obstacles to overcome. The game features three sets of levels: A tutorial level set with 14 levels to learn the game elements and new mechanics, the main game with 100 levels, divided into three parts of increasing difficulty and a set of 25 levels. using only the most basic elements of the game. 

2. R'n'D jue Puzznic: The second highlight of the collection is a completely revised variant of the already known game "Puzznic", which was also part of "R'n'D jue II", but completely invented using the mouse you to play the levels. To solve a level, connect two or more "Puzznic" items to make them disappear.

3. R'n'D jue Sokoban: This is the third in the collection, containing the all-new 'Sokoplus', which takes the familiar gameplay of Sokoban to a whole new experience by adding a number of new gameplay elements, creating a new challenging game in itself. A total of 60 brand new levels await you, divided into 10 tutorial levels that introduce the new game elements and simple rules, followed by 50 more challenging levels for hours of fun

4. R'n'D jue BD/EM: Another game in this collection is dedicated to the fans of the classics Boulder Dash and Emerald Mine, but with a modern look and new levels. Many of the 175 levels of this game were part of the previous versions of "R'n'D jue", but they are mixed here with many newly designed levels that are divided into two sets of levels, the first with 100 levels of medium difficulty, and a second set 75 levels for those who like harder challenges. 

5. Finally, R'n'D jue II a version of this well-known game is included in the collection for everyone who wants to use Jürgen Bonhagen to play several selected level sets from Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine and Sokoban, 

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