Thursday 26 January 2023

SSuite Excalibur : Free office suite


One of the best and perhaps the smallest free office suite on the web. It has all the elements to use it seamlessly at home or in the office, ideal for computers and tablets. It introduces some new innovative concepts in interface design and user-friendly application interaction. 

It provides instant system access and a cleaner desktop. Tabbed document interfaces also make it easy to find your open documents with a single view.

Thumbnail previews further enhance user interaction by displaying the entire document layout, whether you're creating pdf documents, pixels, or simply displaying the print preview as you create your important document, issue, letter or birthday card.

It also includes SSuite Accel Spreadsheet, a powerful spreadsheet that has all the tools you need to calculate, analyze, summarize and present your data in numerical reports or colorful graphics. Use the chart wizard to choose from eight or more 2-D and 3-D chart categories, and dozens of variations.

Whether you're creating financial reports or managing personal expenses, Accel gives you greater efficiency and flexibility to achieve your goals. With a few clicks, you can rearrange your spreadsheet to show or hide certain ranges of data, or to format rows and tables according to special conditions, or to quickly calculate subsets and totals. 

Accel lets you present spreadsheet data in dynamic charts that update automatically when the data changes. Document compatibility with MS Office - {vts, txt, xls, csv}.

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