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Windows Firewall Notifier is a small utility that reconfigures the basic Windows firewall to enhance your computer's security. The key change is special monitoring of your outgoing network connections. So once you've run the program, notifications will start popping up every time a new app wants to go online. 

Just like with other firewalls, you can choose to deny or allow the connection, and save your decision. Windows Firewall Notifiers (WFN) extends the default Windows settings by allowing it to display and handle incoming or outgoing connections. Requires Windows Vista or later version of Windows.

Every time an application wants to connect to the internet it will ask you if you want to. In this way, you can give access to applications that are necessary for you and block others in case you do not want their connection to external servers, etc.

You can also change many parameters through the application's very useful panel and generally gain full access to every communication attempt of your software.

Please note, however, that WFN is not a separate Firewall, it is simply a software with which we can highlight and edit in detail the classic windows firewall on our computer by controlling every attempt to connect to the internet. If for some reason you want to disable it, click the DisableWFN icon. It will run on all windows.
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