Monday December 5 2022

Wise PC 1stAid : Automatic troubleshooting tool for your PC


Wise PC 1stAid is a smart software that has collected the most common computer problems and helps you fix them automatically through a smart process. It is an efficient, intelligent troubleshooting tool that helps users find solutions to the most common PC computer problems. 

This includes errors related to desktop icons, task manager, web pages, broken links, inability to open registry editor (regedit) or task manager, slow internet connections, slow startup and generally slow computer response. All these computer problems can be solved easily.

If your problem doesn't match what's listed in the app you can submit your question and screenshot image, which will direct you to the forum for help WiseCleaner.

The problem you submitted will appear as a post there and professional technicians and other users will be happy to help you with unlimited technical support. You will also receive a Wise PC 1stAid notification and an email once someone has answered your problem.

Currently, Wise PC 1stAid can fix problems such as: Windows desktop icon errors, unable to open hyperlinks in Outlook or other software, unable to open links in IE, unable to open task manager, can't open registry editor, slow web surfing, program not running smoothly, too much memory occupied, slow startup, etc.

Wise PC 1stAid's Problem Suites library will continue to be updated and enriched on a timely basis. More and more problems encountered by users will be fixed automatically.

 It has been fully developed and tested to work flawlessly on Windows 10, 8 & 8.1 and other Windows operating systems from Windows XP and up. No matter what you have - a desktop computer or a laptop.

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