DiskCopy : Free disk cloning and copying tool


DiskCopy is a user-friendly disk/partition cloning tool. It is ideal both for migration to a faster storage device and for data backup with very good features such as:

  • Select the partition style of the destination disk, (doesn't have to be the same as the source disk), from MBR to GPT and GPT to MBR. 
  • Always bootable. 
  • The destination disk can become bootable even if the source disk is not bootable. 
  •  Copy only the partitions you select.
  • Clone individual partitions.
  • Clone one partition directly to another and optionally make it bootable. 

Copy disk

To copy a disc, start by selecting the desired source disc in the top left list (see image above). To help you identify the desired disk, this list shows some details about the storage devices listed.

Once you select a disk, the corresponding partition information appears in the top right list. This can also help you confirm that the selected disc is really the one you want to copy. 

If you don't want to copy all partitions, deselect the ones you want to skip. Then select the desired destination disk, in the lower left list, and optionally the desired partition style (GPT or MBR). 

If you do not change the partition style, DiskCopy will use the same style as the source disk. At this point you can set the desired partition layout for the destination disk. 

Select one of the target partitions in the lower right list and use the sliders to change the offset and size of the selected partition. 

You can also enter the desired values ​​in the text input boxes to the right of the sliders, but note that the partitions cannot be smaller than the size of the data to be copied. 

If you don't want to change the partition layout, leave these controls untouched. If you want to copy all data, including system restore points, located in the System Volume Information folder, deselect Do not copy system restore points. 

If you make a mistake or if you want to choose a different source disk, just press the start over button.
Download the DiskCopy application


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