Friday April 14 2023

Buzz : Transcribe in real time


This is a free application through which you can convert your speech to text, or import audio files to transcribe.

Selecting "Transcribe" converts the input audio to text in the selected language, while importing audio files and "Translate" converts it to text in English.

Selecting language detection will try to detect the spoken language in the audio based on the first few seconds. However, choosing a language is recommended (if known) as it will improve the quality of the transcription in many cases.

You are given the following options for converting audio to text, "very low", "low", "medium" and "high" quality. The higher quality transcription option, however, requires more system resources. 

The transfer time is relative and depends on the sound quality and the capabilities of your computer. In our tests, the transcription for an audio file in Greek of about 30 minutes duration took about 60 minutes. 

Now as far as the accuracy of transcription is concerned, it is quite high although for this reason the clarity of the sound plays an important role. As for the microphone transfer speed, at least on our computer, it didn't work well and there were long delays.

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