Wednesday 10 May 2023

Cobian Backup& Cobian Reflector: Free backup programs


Cobian Backup is a free file backup program that can be used to automatically back up your directories and files. 

It can run as a service or as a regular application and back up to another location on the same computer, network, or even an FTP server. The program supports compression and encryption. 

Reflector belongs to the Cobian Backup family, although it is a completely new program. Cobian Reflector is completely based on .NET. and in addition to all the features of the latest Cobian Backup, it has support for SFTP transfers, is DPI independent due to the use of vector graphics and Windows Presentation Foundation, and also behaves as a 64-bit program on 64-bit systems and as a 32-bit program on systems 32 bits.

Cobian Backup and Cobian Reflector are applications that can be used for free even in a commercial environment.
the Cobian Backup& Cobian Reflector application
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TAGS: Storage , Back-up

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