Redo Rescue : Restore your computer in minutes


Redo Rescue Backup and Recovery is a completely free software that can backup and restore an entire computer system within minutes, from a very simple menu.

It supports saving and restoring from local drives or shared network drives. 

Selectively restore partitions and map them to different locations on the destination drive. Additional tools for partition editing, web browsing, and more are included. Runs from live CD/USB and requires no installation.


✔ UEFI Secure Boot support.
✔ ISO image can be written to CD or USB.
✔ Based on 64-bit Debian linux.
✔ Works on desktops and virtual machines.
✔ Restore old backups created with version 1.0
✔ Updated tools and utilities included.
✔ Replace or keep partitions.
✔ VNC server support for remote assistance
✔ Support for more drives and devices.
✔ Shows the free space on the destination drive.
✔ Detailed logs are easily accessible.
✔ Improved error handling and reporting.
✔ You can also restore your system to a new blank drive and it will work in minutes.
✔ Preserve drive layout and restore data to different parts of target drive.
✔ Remote access is password protected and allows others to help with recovery.

To use Redo Rescue, you will first need to burn the ISO image to a CD or USB stick. Once the image is written to a CD or USB stick, insert it into your computer and reboot. If you don't immediately see the Redo Rescue welcome screen, you may need to press a key at startup (such as F8 or DEL) to select the drive to boot from.

Download the Redo Rescue application

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