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How many times have you wondered why your computer is slow? Waiting too long for Windows to read the registry is tedious and counterproductive, especially if you're in a hurry and need to do something quickly on your computer. 

If this happens too often, there is a simple solution to speed up your computer and help it run faster. The solution to this annoying problem is SterJo Startup Patrol, a free Windows startup management tool that can really speed up your PC.

The reason why your computer is slow is probably due to software you have installed or some registry errors. Possibly, if you have too many applications set to start automatically at startup, be aware that the larger the Windows registry will be, the longer you will have to wait.

The app will help you view and manage a list of startup programs. You can choose which ones you want to start automatically when you start your computer, so when you first start SterJo Startup Patrol, you'll be prompted to allow, disable or delete a program that starts after the Windows registry .

If you don't want to answer right away, just click the button acceptance ή deactivation and you can change the state of that item later. If you choose to click the button deletion, the item will be deleted from your list. Perhaps this option is necessary if it speeds up your computer.

If you change your mind and want to start the deleted items again with Windows, you can add the deleted items manually later. SterJo Startup Patrol enables you to create new components that will start with Windows. 

If you install new programs, this tool will monitor those new startup registries and pop up a notification to let you know about this new activity.

That way, you'll have the option to choose which apps you want and which you don't. Only the most important startup programs can be launched after the Windows registry. When you add a component, you must specify a name, a value, a section, and any optional parameters for the new application. 

After you disable or delete the unwanted program, you will be able to speed up your computer because there will be no unnecessary programs running automatically and slowing down the computer. 
Download the SterJo Startup Patrol app
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