6 free apps to measure your Wi-Fi performance and speed


There are many applications, but few good ones. In today's post we have highlighted the 6 best Android apps to help you measure your wireless network performance and speed.

However, our selection was made based on the performance of each application, whether it is available for free, and a third criterion with the absence or tolerance of minimal intrusive advertisements in each of them.



Meteor is a free ad-free internet speed test tool that can be used to test your mobile and wireless connection speed (on 3G, 4G LTE or 5G), as well as WiFi speed test.

It lets you see how your internet connection and download speed will affect the performance of your favorite mobile apps. You can test app performance for up to six mobile apps at a time, from 27 of the most popular apps and games around the world.

A simple test gives you easy-to-understand results for download speed, upload speed and ping time. Then just select the apps you use the most to see how they're affected by your current network connection.

View a timeline of your tests in the history tab and check the statistics for each speed test to track how your network experience has changed over time. So you'll always know where to find the best coverage with Meteor's network coverage map.

The map shows signal strength down to street level using signal data from local users.

Wi-Fi Toolkit


This is a free Wi-Fi toolkit that helps you diagnose your network. Its aim is to protect your privacy from data theft when using some public Wi-Fi. You can check Wi-Fi signal strength, network security, internet speed, latency and discover wireless cameras. Also, you can check which devices are connected to your network, analyze network performance and any interference it faces.

Net Signal


Useful tool that allows you to check WiFi signal strength and mobile signal strength anywhere in your home. It helps to find good WiFi or mobile connectivity areas.


  • Mobile signal information
  • WiFi signal information
  • Accurate WiFi and mobile signal strength

This is a very useful application through which you will see in which part of your house you have a good WI-FI signal as well as a mobile phone signal.

 The app constantly updates signal strength so you can walk around your home, work or anywhere you're connected to WiFi or mobile to find the best signal quality.

Internet Speed ​​Test


Internet Speed ​​Test is a powerful, advanced tool that helps you measure your Internet connection speed and see how strong your mobile or WI-FI signal is. For more experienced users, there are also a large number of configuration options.


  • WiFi and mobile signal strength finder.
  • Built-in network coverage map.
  • Ability to select default server for speed test.
  • Download speed control.
  • Check upload speed.
  • Measurement of data transfer time delays (latency, ping)
  • Automatic selection of speed test parameters depending on the type of a connection (WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G).
  • Basic information about the connection (IP address, ISP and organization, SIM or WiFi network name).
  • History of results with options to filter and sort the list according to the different criteria.
  • Detailed information about tests (measured download/upload/ping value, connection type, date, settings).
  • Easily copy your IP address and results to the clipboard.
  • Post results on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Wifi Analyzer


This is probably one of the best and most reliable apps to monitor the strength of nearby Wi-Fi networks but also use it to find the best strength location for your wifi or use it to determine the overlap of a channel with neighboring networks. 

The menu is simple, but informative and includes 4 options with different screens where in the first, you can see the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, as well as the maximum and minimum average value in a graph with an auto scale, the second shows how the Wi-Fi networks spread across all channels and how they overlap each other, in the third you can see in a graph how the signal strength of all nearby networks changes with time and finally in the last one, you will see basic information about all the detected networks such as name, mac address, frequency, channel, encryption type and signal strength.

Speedtest by Ookla


Use Speedtest for a quick internet connection speed test. Explore mobile network coverage with Speedtest maps based on real-world data collected by the Speedtest app. 

See performance by carrier to find out where you're likely to have strong connectivity. Easily switch between providers and regions to compare coverage in the locations you frequent.

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Free apps to measure your Wi-Fi performance and speed

In today's post we have highlighted the 6 best Android apps to help you measure your wireless network performance and speed.

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