TAGAP 4 : 2D cartoon action game with great graphics and sound


It is a 2D cartoon action game with excellent graphics and sound, capable of providing you with several hours of enjoyment. It uses OpenGL, which is designed for non-linear rendering of 3D scenes.

TAGAP 4 is based on linear performance. In order for this to work on all hardware and driver combinations, a technique called ΄΄scaling΄΄ needs to be used. It is compatible with the most popular GamePads (Xbox 360™ Controller and Logitech) and was specially designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment.

The script in brief is as follows: During his adventures, Pablo the cyberpenguin has saved the world many times from a world-conquering mad scientist, a bigoted penguin general and a whole race of space penguins from Pluto.

However, an event during his previous adventure has thrown our hero out of this world out of time. What if Pablo wasn't there to save the world? What if mad scientist Glowenko goes unchecked? Stuck in an alternate timeline, Pablo must find a way to stop him while battling a world gone mad.


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