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The 13 Best Free Permanent Data Eraser Apps


Do you think when you delete your data from your hard drive or do a "Format" it is really deleted? The answer is obvious: NO! If you think so, then why are there so many data recovery software? 
So maybe you should consider this fact more seriously and revise your views on this matter, especially if you want to dispose of or give away the old company computers that may be storing your important business information.

However, even if you are an individual and want to sell or give away your hard drives or your computer and you probably have a lot of personal data stored on it such as credit card numbers, passwords, your friends' addresses, private photos, etc. 

I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to sell or give away your computers with your hard drives without destroying the data on them.



Erase your hard drive data forever so that it cannot be recovered in the future. 

The use of the program is quite simple and the deletion of your data is ensured through a few steps. Install the application on your computer and run it, or create a Boottable CD or USB and from there delete your data. 

If you do not wish to create it, press exit (You can also create a Boottable CD or USB in a second time by running the Create boot medium icon found inside the folder where your application is installed) and in the first menu of the application select Drive (the Partition option not available in the free version). 

To erase your disk click erase disk in this table you will see the devices connected to your computer, (internal and external hard disks as well as any other USB Flash devices etc.



Most of us have some data-files that we probably wouldn't want to share with others, such as passwords, personal information, classified documents from our work, financial information and more. 

You've already stored a lot of this information on your computer, but when the time comes to remove it from your hard drive for some reason, things start to get a little more complicated since of course deleting it permanently isn't as simple as you think 

The first thought might be that we simply delete the file and the data is lost. Unfortunately this is not enough, since when you delete a file, the operating system does not actually remove the file from disk but only removes the reference to the file from the file system table. 

The file remains on the disk until another file overwrites it, but even after that, it may be possible to easily recover your data using appropriate programs. 

Eraser is an advanced security tool for Windows that allows you to completely erase sensitive data from your hard drive without worrying about someone else recovering it. The method of use is simple, after installing the application, select with your mouse (right click) the file or files you want to delete, select the Eraser icon and press delete.



Hardwipe is a free program that can be used to permanently erase data on the hard drive and various other portable storage media, protecting your personal data since no one can recover it after cleaning.

It can clean entire disks, or individual files, and ``sanitize'' unused disk space. You can wipe specific files, wipe an entire drive, or clean up free space on your hard drive. 

You can choose high or low priority, which uses more or less system resources, and choose the type of data deletion you want. 

The selection of data erasure algorithms is pretty much the same as you'll see in any app like this. You can perform a simple data randomization wipe up to 35 passes deleted.

Free Data Wiper


If you want to delete your data from your hard drive forever, formatting (FORMAT) or erasing it is not enough to prevent it from being recovered with specialized programs that exist for this purpose. 

What you need in this case is a professional software to completely and permanently erase the data on your hard drive or partition. By using powerful algorithms, it gives you the ability to permanently erase your data which will no longer be recoverable. 

Its mode of operation is very simple, after running the application select Edire Drive or Disk and from the encryption (security) option select the deletion algorithm. 

From there, click on the Wipe now button and the application, after typing the word Wipe in the additional window that will appear, will begin its destructive work.

bit killer


Small portable application with remarkable features and reliability that can safely and quickly erase data that is private and confidential to you while ensuring that it cannot be recovered later. 

The program is very simple and small only 31.8KB. It uses five different methods of deleting zeros, random data, DOD 3 pass, DOD 7 pass, Gutmann 35 pass. 

In our tests a 220 MB file with the All method took 10 seconds to delete, with Radom 15 seconds, with DOD 3Pass 25 and with DOD 7Pass 60 seconds. 

Sometimes Windows security features restrict BitKiller from working properly in this case run the application by selecting "Run as administrator". 

Should you always use the Gutmann method? No, the Gutmann method was designed for an encoding that modern hard drives do not use. 

Using the Gutmann method is not only usually unnecessary, it is also very slow compared to the other methods and may not be as effective.

OW Shredder


Advanced security tool that allows you to completely erase all hidden data and all traffic traces from your hard drives. 

Individual files can be deleted, as well as all files on hard drives. 

In addition, OW Shredder offers various tools to scan, analyze, clean and get more information. 

Using the application is very simple, run the program (you don't need to install it) and drag it with your mouse (Drag and drop) to the corresponding menu window the disk or files you want to delete and then press erase. 

You don't need to do anything else from there and then the program will take care of the rest.



When we delete a file, only a reference to the location of the file is actually deleted. In other words, the file system simply "forgets" that the file exists. 

But the actual data, the 0s and 1s, still remain on disk. They will eventually be replaced by other files and data, but this can take a long time and during this time recovery software can be used to recover the "deleted" files. 

However, file shredding applications like Permadelete make sure that the files you delete cannot be recovered.

Wipe File


Small, completely free mobile application, which deletes files and folders safely and at maximum speed. It completely overwrites the information, so there is no way to restore the files or reconstruct the file contents. 

WipeFile supports 14 different wipe methods, such as US Navy standards, US Department of Defense standard, US Air Force standard, and NATO standard. The method of use is simple. 

After running the application, drag the file to be deleted into the application menu, select the deletion template and press delete, and the file will be deleted. After deleting you may see that the file is still there, so just hit refresh and you will see that it has indeed been deleted.

Disk Wipe


Unfortunately, formatting your hard drive can't help ensure your files are permanently deleted, but it also can't actually overwrite the data, and while it's a better method than deleting files, it's still for experts a very easy way to recover your data.

The only real, and time-tested, method to permanently remove data (without causing any damage to a hard drive, of course) is through Disk Wipe technology.

In fact, to permanently delete data from a hard drive, it is not enough to just clean it, so the replacement of the data on the deleted data is added so that they can not be recovered again.

The program cleans your hard drive using predefined advanced algorithms, replacing existing data on the disk with a new, random data set, and does so many times, to ensure an even higher level of security.

Works with any memory storage device such as USB memory stick, various SD, mini and micro SD cards and all devices that can be used as storage memory and are configured with NTFS, FAT or FAT32 file system (some mp3 players, cameras etc. ). 

Soft4Boost Secure Eraser


It is a simple but reliable application that allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive, such as files, documents, applications, photos, videos, etc. 

Note that files deleted by Soft4Boost Secure Eraser are impossible to recover afterwards. It supports many methods and standarts such as DoD 5220.22-M (E, ECE), VSITR, GOST Р50739-95, the Gutmann method and many others. 

The way to use is extremely friendly, just select the file or folder you want to erase, select the erasing method and finally press the Start Erasing button to start erasing.

Secure Eraser


Secure Eraser uses the best-known data erasure method that overwrites sensitive information in such a reliable way that it can never be recovered even with the most specialized software. 

However, the application does not stop here, but in general you may find it very useful since, in addition to deleting the data on your disks, it can also perform other cleaning tasks on your computer.

Free File Wiper


Free File Wiper is a way to ensure that the files we have deleted cannot be recovered. As you can see there are four different ways to replace and delete our data and we will choose the one that satisfies us the most. 

No installation is needed and after running it we will see a small recycling bin on our computer desktop where we should drop confidential files or documents that we wish to be destroyed. 

By right-clicking on the application icon, you can select other parameters in addition to the deletion method. It is available absolutely free.

File Shredder


There are several tools for recovering deleted files for Windows. These tools, often called "file recovery software", exploit the weakness of the Windows "delete" command that we all regularly use to delete files. 

 In fact, the "Delete" function in Windows only removes bits of information from files so that they appear deleted to the operating system. 

 So, it is easy to recover these files using some specialized file recovery software. To remove the files permanently from your system, you need to use a program that is capable of rewriting the files with random binary data multiple times. This process is called slicing. 

File Shredder is a free application that destroys unwanted files from your hard drive without the fear that they could possibly be recovered. In this way, the actual contents of the file have been overwritten and the possibilities of recovering such a shredded file are mostly theoretical. 

It has been developed as a fast, safe and reliable tool for this purpose. You can choose between 5 different file shredding algorithms, each progressively stronger than the last. 

The program also includes Disk Wiper, which uses a special shredding algorithm to wipe unused disk space.
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