Net Speed ​​Meter : See the download and upload speed of your connection


Windows does not have a built-in tool to monitor the Upload - Download speed of your internet connection. 

This is why many developers have created various software utilities to monitor important parameters related to your internet connection. 

Net Speed ​​Meter is one of them. a real-time meter that reveals the download and upload speed of your connection.

This particular application is one of those tiny software programs that can prove to be quite useful. Once you run it, a small counter appears on your desktop. Right-click and double-click the counter to view the application menu. 

You can easily change the appearance of the meter and other app settings to customize its behavior. For example, you can change the speed unit from bits per second to bytes per second. Additionally, the appearance of the meter, which is black by default, can be changed.

The font and size of the text can also be changed. Net Speed ​​Meter can be set to start with Windows so you don't have to start it manually every time you turn on your computer. The counter is set to stay on top of all other windows.

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