Wednesday April 12 2023

HNSKY : Free planetarium program


Free planetarium program for Windows and Linux. This program can control your telescope via ASCOM or INDI and includes a comprehensive up-to-date database of 30.000 objects and detailed descriptions. 

A star database of millions of stars and hundreds of Deep Sky Survey images precisely stitched together. In addition, the program can access the online version of the Deep Sky Survey allowing online updating of the asteroid and comet databases and can search on-line professional astronomy databases. 

The Sun, Moon, planets and their main moons are shown with surface features. Maps the position of comets and asteroids with an online update. and provides hundreds of DSS deep-sky images stitched to the correct size and orientation.

Downloading additional DSS images online is fully integrated. Just select an area and select download. After a few seconds the DSS image will be integrated into the HNSKY map in the correct size and orientation. The comet or asteroid database can be updated online with a single click. 

It can search an online database for objects in the selected area for asteroids to achieve higher precision positions years in the future or in the past. 

The error is less than 1" after 10 years !!! So for an asteroid, orbital data from 10 years ago, after numerical integration will allow position calculation with 1" accuracy!!

It comes with menus in 22 languages ​​(including Greek) and is completely free without any ads or restrictions.

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