Add Images on a Video : Add images or text to your videos


This is a simple tool to add an image on top of any video. First, upload your video by dragging and dropping it onto this page, or pasting a video file, or pasting a video URL, or clicking the gray dotted area to browse your device's files for your video. 

Then click the "add image" button and reposition, resize it by clicking and dragging (if needed), then click the download button to download your video. 

You can also change the transparency of the overlay image and resize/rotate/move it as you like. This tool is completely free and does not add watermarks to your video.

Please note that the video is not uploaded to any server - everything is done in your browser using JavaScript, so it is completely safe. This tool should work just as well on your mobile device as it does on your browser - you don't need to download an app for such a simple task. You can also use this tool to add text to your videos. 

Just click the "add text" button you see below the video. You can change the opacity of your images and text, which could be useful if you want to add a watermark image to the videos you've created so you can retain ownership of your creations.

However, please note that the processing time depends on the CPU power of your computer.

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