Saturday April 15 2023

Utopia: Top free anonymous communication app


For the last 6 years, a group of developers united with a common effort, created this software. With the help of the decentralized peer-to-peer Utopia ecosystem, which incorporates a global referendum mechanism without geographical restrictions.

Utopia is free software built with freedom, anonymity and censorship in mind, designed for secure communication, anonymous payments and a truly free internet without borders. 

Total surveillance, controlling the flow of information, is exactly what Utopia aims to prevent. When you use Utopia, ΄΄Big Brother΄΄ is no longer watching you.

With Utopia you can bypass online censorship and firewalls, meaning you're free to communicate with whoever you want whenever you want. The user's physical location cannot be revealed. 

Communication and data cannot be intercepted and read by a third party. All account data is stored on the user's local Utopia device in an encrypted file. 

Utopia P2P is a private and anonymous messenger without user identification. To sign up, you don't need SMS approval, ID or email address. It is specially designed to protect the privacy of communication, and the security of your personal data. 

All account data is stored on the user's local Utopia device in an encrypted file using AES 256-bit encryption

Through the application, you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats and channels, news and conduct a private conversation.

  • Send encrypted messages.
  • No email or phone number is required to sign up, just create a username and password to start messaging.
  • 100% decentralized, all user data is stored directly on your phone or computer.
  • You can change your status online.
  • Receive push notifications.

 1. Create a username and password to log in — no email or phone number required — and tap on the create account option. You will see the first introductory image that briefly describes the program's features, press next.

2. Enter your name and nickname and press next.
3. Enter a strong password and tap next.
4. Wait a while until your data is encrypted.
5. The account has been created, from there onwards by entering your password you can enter the program.

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OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux
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